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Palawan, Philippines: 10 days DIY Backpacking Itinerary and Costs

21 Nov

Hong Kong exchange students are known for travelling a lot in SEA. As soon as the semester started, my friends started travelling all over Asia. Usually every week end of other week end they leave for 3 to 5 days and visit Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan etc… ¬†Unfortunately i am on a very tight budget and i can not justify paying 200$ or 300$ flight for just 3 days stay so i prefer going on fewer trips but for longer period of time in order to decrease my daily costs (it was 50$ a day for the Philippines including the flight)


When i first started looking into travelling to the Philippines, i was in awe of the large range of possible destinations. Boracay is one of the most popular destination since it was ranked as one of the top beaches in the world but i didn’t want to go there because it is very touristy and i was looking for a relaxed place. Another destination is Luzon with its amazing rice terraces and tribal villages. Cebu was the most popular destination among the exchange students i know and i was considering going there too so i can also stop by Bohol and see the magnificent Chocolate hills. Unfortunately on October 15th it was hit by a very strong earthquake and i was not too comfortable going there. In the end i settled on going to Palawan Province.

I planned my 10 days between the capital Puerto Princesa (main and maybe only airport on the island), Elnido (best known for its serene white sand beaches and crystal clear water) and Coron (famous for island hopping but mainly WW2 ship wreck diving). You can see below my original plan, but i had to alter it a bit because of weather and sometimes unforeseen circumstances.  Continue reading