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Bus from Puerto Princesa to Elnido

2 Dec

Elnido beaches were ranked the 14th best in the world according to CNN ‘s Top Beaches in the World. I think this place is still an unspoiled paradise mainly because it is so remote and not too easy to get too. The most common way to to get to Elnido is to fly first to Puerto Princesa (via Manila, no international flights go to Puerto Princesa ) and then take an 8 hours bus to Elnido. This is obviously not a route for those who are looking for comfortable travel. As a result, not many tourists go to Elnido, especially if you compare it to Boracay and more popular Thai beaches.

Puerto Princesa to Elnido

Puerto Princesa to Elnido

If you are planning to visit el Nido, you can choose one of the following ways:

1- By plane: I never met one who flew to Elnido simply because this is a private airport and all flights going there are run by resorts for their super rich guests (i.e.. Leonardo Dicaprio when filming “the Beach” and other stars). You can of course buy a ticket from them but it will cost at least 120,000pesos (300USD) one way

2- By Van: Vans or Mini buses (usually 8 seats) run from Puerto Princessa to ElNido few times a day. They cost between 600 and 900 pesos ( 16 to 21CAD). You can book your seat at the airport or via your hotel or hostel reception. Usually they come pick you up before departure. The ride to Elnido in the an take 5h. They are reputed for being careless drivers.

3-By Bus: This is the option i chose. There are two Companies you can go with Cherry Bus (white bus) or RORO bus (Green Bus). Continue reading


Puerto Princesa Underground River in Palawan

28 Nov


When i first started planning my trip to Palawan, i noticed that most traveling blogs recommend visiting the underground river so i included it in my itinerary. In case you didn’t know, the Puerto Princesa Underground River has been listed as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature;  It is the second longest underground river in the world (the first one being  in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula). It covers a distance of more than 24 km and flows directly into the South China Sea. It is also known as St. Pauls Underground River and its cave is famous for spectacular limestone karst landscapes.

The Underground River is listed as a Unesco heritage site, therefore the government tries to protect it by limiting the number of tourists who visit everyday. They do so by imposing a visit permit on all Tourists, it can be obtained through Local Tourism Office in Puerto Princesa.

This world known site is located 50km away from Puerto Princesa near a village called Sabang. To visit it , you have two options:

1- a DIY trip: you need to get your visit permit ahead of time by yourself and arrange your own transportation

2- Sign up with a Tour Agency: it costs 1500PHP (36CAD) and includes visit permit, transportation, entrance fee and all you can eat lunch. You can also choose a Tour package that includes zip lining (also in Sabang)

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First Couch Surfing Experience in the Philippines

25 Nov

Have you heard about CouchSurfing?   I am sure many of you did, but did you ever try it?

Well as many of you are, i was very skeptical about the idea of visiting a stranger’s house and sleeping over. but i finally did it during my 2013 backpacking trip in the Philippines.

couchsurfing logo

I registered on CouchSurfing.org  in 20011 and attended many local CS (abbreviation of CouchSurfing) events in both Montreal and Hong Kong.  However, during my two years on CS, i never surfed. This year when planning my very low budget backpacking trip in the Philippines , I considered CS to save money on accommodation . I sent my first CS request one week before my trip to several local hosts in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. In following few days i heard back from 2 saying that they can not host me because of their busy schedule, 1 who said he would gladly host me and the others never got back to me which was a bit disappointing. I had a short conversation with the potential host in which he  gave me his address and explained to me how to get to his place from the airport and how much it should cost.

My flight arrived at 6pm so i took a 15min Tricycle ride to my Guests’s house for 50 pesos (1.2CAD). He lived a little bit out of the town centre on an unpaved road that had no lights so i couldn’t figure out where it was exactly and i called him to ask for instructions but his phone was not answering.  I got a bit scared thinking, it’s dark already and i have no idea how to find another place to stay, could he have changed his mind about hosting me?

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