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Maremegmeg Beach and Beautiful Sunset

3 Dec
Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

When i first arrived to my Hostel in Elnido, it was around 4pm. I was really exhausted after the 7hours bumpy the bus ride from Puerto Puerto Princesa, and  just wanted to jump into the sea and relax on the beach. I was with a guy i met when CouchSurfing in Puerto Princesa and he ended up takign the same bus as me to Elnido and staying at the same hostel. We asked the hostel manager about the nearest beach we can go to and she recommended going to Maremegmeg beach. She told us that it has the best sunset view in Elnido so we decided to head there.

Clear water and empty beach

Clear water and empty beach

We arrived a bit before the sunset so we enjoyed a quick swim in crystal clear water. The beach was not very crowded which i really appreciated. There are also two resorts at the beach so you can head up to their bar and get something to drink or eat. If i had more time in Elnido, i would definitely come spend a whole day relaxing at this beach.  Continue reading


Sunset at Lau Fau Shan

15 Oct

When living in Hong Kong, your view is always blocked by skyscrapers and high rise building. However it only takes 30min to get away and enjoy a more natural landscape. This time, i went to watch the sunset at Lau Fau Shan.

DSC_9738-2Lau Fau Shan is a fishing village on the North coast of Hong Kong’s New Territories, facing Shenzhen in mainland China. It used to be known for oyster harvesting but not anymore. Now is it famous for for its street of seafood restaurants.

It is also one of the most popular places to see the sunset in Hong Kong. The old fishing boats, rafts and Shenzhen bay bridge.

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