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How did i end up spending New Years Eve with a 50 yrs old German Diving instructor in Bali?

3 Jan

First, i wish you guys all Happy New Years! i hope you had a great start to the new year and set up some great resolutions.


Well, i had great plans for this New Years Eve but they didn’t realize. Destiny had some other plans for me .

  • Original plan: Fly from Singapore to Bali on the early morning of December 31st, meet my Couchsurfing host and settle down at his place. Then head out with my host to the beach to meet some polish travellers i met in the Philippines and celebrate new years eve together watching fireworks and then hitting some clubs.
  • What destiny planned for me: My CouchSurfing host cancelled on me 2 days before my arrival, i had to rush sending last minute requests and ended up having to stay with two different hosts since everyone else is busy during NYE. One host for my first night and another for the nights that follow. The host for the first night arranged to pick me up at the airport but to my surprise he forgot the time of my arrival, he thought i arrive the day after. Continue reading

Low Cost Airlines in Asia

6 Dec

Flying from Europe or North America to Asia can cause set you back few thousand dollars. However, once in Asia you can enjoy easy and cheap transportation between most of the countries in the continent. During my Exchange term in Hong Kong, i did quite a bit of research before finding the best deals for my flights to Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.


Low Cost Airlines in Asia

I would like to share with you some of the most popular low cost airlines you can fly with in Asia. I hope this will help you save some money when planning your next trip. You need also to keep in mind that most of the airlines would have mega sales (flights as cheap as 10CAD) for certain periods if you pay your ticket early. So keep an eye out of the sales.

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Maremegmeg Beach and Beautiful Sunset

3 Dec
Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

When i first arrived to my Hostel in Elnido, it was around 4pm. I was really exhausted after the 7hours bumpy the bus ride from Puerto Puerto Princesa, and  just wanted to jump into the sea and relax on the beach. I was with a guy i met when CouchSurfing in Puerto Princesa and he ended up takign the same bus as me to Elnido and staying at the same hostel. We asked the hostel manager about the nearest beach we can go to and she recommended going to Maremegmeg beach. She told us that it has the best sunset view in Elnido so we decided to head there.

Clear water and empty beach

Clear water and empty beach

We arrived a bit before the sunset so we enjoyed a quick swim in crystal clear water. The beach was not very crowded which i really appreciated. There are also two resorts at the beach so you can head up to their bar and get something to drink or eat. If i had more time in Elnido, i would definitely come spend a whole day relaxing at this beach.  Continue reading