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10 things i miss about Montreal

9 Jan

My journey in Hong Kong finally came to an end and as i am waiting to board my flight at the airport i couldn’t help but feel torn. In one hand i will miss Hong Kong, but on the other hand, I am happy to be going home . This inspired me to write this post about the things that i miss about Montreal. And soon, i will write about the things i will miss about Hong Kong.

1- The Old Port

The old port is my far my favourite place in Montreal, walking there takes you back to 1800’s French Quebec. Beautiful buildings and waterfront view make for a perfect evening stroll. It is also a favourite because i can go skating there in the winter or watch the fireworks in the summer.

The Old Port

The Old Port

2- Mont Royal

This place is also one of my favourites,. I miss going there for picnics in the summer, especially on sundays when the TamTams are happening. But even in the winter, we can skate at the beaver lake or simply enjoy a scenic top mountain view of the city.

Beaver Lake at Mont Royal

Beaver Lake at Mont Royal

3- Tim Hortons

Why would you pay 4$ for a coffee when you have Tim Horton’s ?! It is by far, the national coffee in Canada and every student’s best friend. I miss grabbing my morning coffee there and taking study/work breaks with friends.

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