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Victoria Peak Tram

3 Dec
View from the Lugard Road

Honk Kong’s Skyline from Victoria Peak

All Hong Kong visitors know that Victoria Peak has the best view of the city’s Skyline. Therefore It is always a must on their to do list. I visited the peak 3 times already and couldn’t  get enough of the view, I am sure i will be going there again before i leave HK. You can get to the top of Victoria mountain by hiking/walking up (you can read more about my hike up the peak here) or taking the Peak Tram. 

The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram

The Peak tram had been transporting residents and tourists from Central to the peak since 1888. It is the steepest railway system in the world.  It covers a distance of about about 1.4 kilometres and an altitude of 400m. Just 150m short of the highest point on the mountain which you can reach by walking up the rest of the way. The arrival point of the tram is the peak tower, there are a lot of shops, restaurants and cafes there. Most visitors recognize the Peak tower as the view point. So it is always crowded and people are pushing each other to take photos. However, you can get a better view of the city on Lugard road. You can get there by following the circular walking path on the right of the tram when you get off. The view there is amazing and there is barely anyone on the road. Continue reading


Hiking in HK: Dragon’s Back

2 Dec
View from up the Mountain

View from the Dragon’s Back Trail

Dragon’s back is by far the most famous hiking trail in Hong Kong. It is considerate quite easy and with a great view making it a great attraction for locals and tourists. The hike is only 7km long and it would take around 3 hours including transportation for the whole trip.

The Trail starts on ShekO road and ends at the Big Wave Beach.

The Trail starts on ShekO road and ends at the Big Wave Beach.

How to get there: Take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station, then get out at Exit A3 and take the bus 9 towards  To Tei Wan on Shek O Road. You can simply get off when you see a lot of hikers getting off and you won’t get lost.

The trail has a lot of signs, you won't get lost

The trail has a lot of signs, you won’t get lost

The first part of the trail has a lot of steps (about 250) but nothing that will set you back. The trail gets much easier after with easy slopes up and down and awesome view of Hong Kong. These ups and downs gave the trail its name, since it looks like a Darong’s Back Continue reading

Mid Level Escalators: Longest Escalators in the World

28 Nov


Hong Kong’s Mid Level escalators are the longest escalator system in the world covering a distance of over 800m and rising 135m through the steep uphills of Hong Kong island. The system connects Queen’s Road in Central to Conduit Road in Mid-Levels. It was built in 1993 to facilitate the commute for employees going from their apartments in Mid Levels to offices in Central and Back. The system is used by over 60,000 residents every day. It runs downhill from 6am to 10am and uphill from 10.15am to midnight.


DSC_0847-1When i first heard about the longest escalator in the world i thought it was one single escalators but it   turns out it was a combination of 20 escalators and 3 automatic walkways connected in places by footbridges with 14 entrances and exits that allows access to several interesting streets and shops. Even if you are not familiar with the area and have no map, you can just keep an eye out for signs and you’ll know when you get get off. Continue reading