30 before 30

This is a list of the things i want to do before i turn 30. Some are travel related and some are not because even when i am not traveling i would like to keep myself challenged ^_^

  1. Go on an exchange term  (Honk Kong in fall 2013)
  2.  Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
  3.  Backpack through the Silk Road
  4.  Bungee jumping
  5.  Sky Diving
  6.  Attempt surfing
  7.  Run a Half Marathon
  8.  Back pack through Eastern Europe
  9.  LEarn how to Scuba Dive
  10. Visit China
  11.  Visit Pakistan
  12.  Successfully finish the 30 day Moksha Challenge (First attempt in 2012 : 24 out of 30 days, next attempt April 2013
  13.  Get paid for a Photography gig  (Achieved in August 2013)
  14. Start a Blog… or two  (Ongoing)
  15.  Watch the Sunrise in Angkor Wat
  16. Learn how to knit
  17. Volunteer in India
  18.  Have a retreat in an Ashram or a temple
  19.  Take a long road trip
  20.  Hitchhike during one of my trips
  21.  Ride in a Hot air Balloon
  22.  Complete a Masters Degree
  23. Vsiti New York and Cross the Brooklyn Bridge  (Done in May 2011)
  24.  Eat something crazy  (Scorpion and Cockroaches in Thailand, more attempts to come)
  25.  Learn how to Snowboard
  26.   Visit a Safari
  27.   Visit a Volcano
  28.   Ride an elephant  (Thailand 2011)
  29.  Take a mud bath
  30.  Become a Couch Surfer (In The Philippines 2013)

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