Accepting my first Award: Versatile Blogger Award

2 Jan

Being new to the blogsphere, i am still a bit unfamiliar with the way it works. It turns out, there is this great award that you get from other bloggers recognizing your blog. This award serves as a way to build a network and promote smaller/newer blogs.


I am deeply thankful to accept the Versatile Blogger Award that was passed to me by HongKongFong who is a great photographer and blogger based in Hong Kong. I only started this small blog 2 months ago so it means a lot to me to receive this award. I am really grateful to Hong Kong Fong for this recognition.

Below are the rules of the award :

1. Display the logo in a post

2. Link to the person who nominated you

3. Write seven (7) things about yourself

I think that my about me page already says a lot about me but here are few other things i can let you guys know

  • I moved out from my parents house and country at the age of 17 and been living by myself since. This was not easy at all; the first few years were a struggle and i wad not sure what i wanted to do. It took some time, but i am happy i found my way afterwards and I am very satisfied with where i am right now and what i am doing. Of course there is always room to improve, so i am slowly working on that
  • I practised Taekwondo between the ages of 6 and 16, even though i stopped years ago i still remember all the techniques and i do miss it. Sometimes, i like to relieve my stress by punching/ kicking a boxing bag, it just makes me feel better.
  • Related to the point mentioned above, Taekwondo exposed me to the Korean culture so i started learning Korean language. I am not expert in it, i can find my way around.
  • Related to traveling, my first overseas trip was at the age of 8, unfortunately i only remember bits and pieces of my early age trips but i am thankful for my parents for giving me the chance to see different cultures at since i was young. I believe this highly contributed to my love for traveling now and the easiness by which i can adapt to new places.
  • I Can eat anything and i can sleep anywhere. This also came with travelling to different places. I am not picky with food, whatever you give me i would eat it  and i really can not stand people who are picky with food. I also can sleep anywhere: be it a bumpy bus ride, a tiny plane seat, a hammock or on the floor
  • I used to be a person who plans everything, my calendar would include what am doing 3 weekends from today and i can not wake up in the morning without knowing what am doing later in the afternoon but i learned be more relaxed and sometimes just go with the flow. This applies also to traveling plans, i used to book everything ahead of time and make my daily schedule with places i would visit but now i can just wake up and make my plans the days itself.
  • I always get mistaken for being a Latina, people would just come up to me and start speaking in Spanish.

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and inform them of their nomination:

Unfortunately i don’t know many blogs yet so i can not name 15. But here is small selection of blogs i read and follow these days:

BlogTagShare Tales of a photographer living in Singapore and traveling around Asia and the world. He tells his stories through pictures. Very inspiring traveller and talented photographer. Don’t forget to check his Photography Facebook page.

BlueBalu An expat living in Hong Kong and sharing her HK experience, in addition in some nice photography posts. This blog was very useful for me when i first moved to Hong Kong.

RichardChan Blog: An Exchange student i met in HongKong writing about his experience living in HK and travelling around Asia. He is also a talented photographer so make sure to check out his blog

Thuymido: a Bilingual blog by a Motrealer working in Vietnam and blogging about her expat life and travels. She really inspires me to travel more after graduating and maybe even work in a different country

SummerSkin Is a Toronto based fashion blogger, she has a very unique and inspiring style. I also enjoy when she writes about what is happening in the city.

AMWFcouples: A british girl sharing stories about her interracial relationship and travels around the world. a great insight at what a global couple is.

Gahaf Tounsi a A nomad who’s been travelling for almost a year now, writing about his travel stories but mainly documenting it through photography. Stay tuned for his new website to be launched soon.

Mess in Maghreb:(in French) a young girl living in Maghreb and questioning everything around her. A great read for those who can understand french.

NuancesOfNour: This blog might be the youngest of all but i deserves to be mentioned because the talented creator and cook behind it is my lovely sister. She just started blogging, but judging by how tasty the food she makes i, i bet she will be a great blogger

I would like to Thank HongKongFong again for this award and i hope you all enjoy reading the blogs i mentioned above and encourage their writers.


3 Responses to “Accepting my first Award: Versatile Blogger Award”

  1. Richard Chan January 7, 2014 at 11:28 am #


    Nice blog you have here. It’s very clean and informative!

    Btw, I was passing by to thank you for nominating my blog and to say congratulations on getting the Versatile Blogger Award 🙂

    Keep up the good work!


  2. bluebalu January 16, 2014 at 2:21 pm #

    Thanks for the award – and keep up blogging! It’s great to follow you around!


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