Chinese Traditional Dinner @ Tai Chung Wah

6 Dec
Tai Chung Wah is perfect for group dinners

Tai Chung Wah is perfect for group dinners

One thing you learn living in Hong Kong, is that you never east just one dish when you go to a restaurant! It is all about Sharing. Chinese prefer to dine out in groups, order a lot of dishes and share everything. I came to like this style because sometimes i just can not decide on what i want to eat so i want to have it all.

A local friend recommended trying Tai Chung Wah for dinner. This place is huge (400 seats) and really popular among locals. It located a little bit further from downtown, in Sheun Sha Wan area.


Tai Chung Wah

The Restaurant is within 5 minutes walk from Sheun Sha Wan MTR station and is located at 539 Fok Wing Street. At dinner time, it is very busy so you have to make a reservation ahead of time (9045 4863 / 6096 0082). Once you go to the address indicated above they will give you a menu and an ordering sheet and instruct you to go to another entrance one block away. Once You get into that side street, you will see first different kitchen stalls, everyone specialized in something : BBQ, seafood, fried rice, etc… After that, on both sides you will see several restaurants almost all full of people. They are ALL Tai Chung Wah. I was really impressed by the scale of the place.


The Lineup outside

Once inside, we were handed the menu and an ordering sheet to write down all the items we want. For drinks, it is self service, so you go outside and get your own drinks from a fridge in the street. The service was pretty fast, it took maybe 10 to 15min to get our orders. The food was some of the best i’ve had in Hong Kong so far. I highly recommend you all to try it. I especially liked : The seafood dishes, the clay stone chicken and rice and the whole chicken served with its head 😀

We ordered a lot of food and drinks and ate till we were full, after all that the bill came up to about 130 HKD each (17CAD). A bit pricy by Asian standards but i guess we really ordered a lot of food.

Here are some of the photos of what we ordered, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.


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