Maremegmeg Beach and Beautiful Sunset

3 Dec
Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

Great Sunset View at Maremegmeg Beach

When i first arrived to my Hostel in Elnido, it was around 4pm. I was really exhausted after the 7hours bumpy the bus ride from Puerto Puerto Princesa, and  just wanted to jump into the sea and relax on the beach. I was with a guy i met when CouchSurfing in Puerto Princesa and he ended up takign the same bus as me to Elnido and staying at the same hostel. We asked the hostel manager about the nearest beach we can go to and she recommended going to Maremegmeg beach. She told us that it has the best sunset view in Elnido so we decided to head there.

Clear water and empty beach

Clear water and empty beach

We arrived a bit before the sunset so we enjoyed a quick swim in crystal clear water. The beach was not very crowded which i really appreciated. There are also two resorts at the beach so you can head up to their bar and get something to drink or eat. If i had more time in Elnido, i would definitely come spend a whole day relaxing at this beach. 

Around 7pm, the sun started going down and the view was absolutely gorgeous. There were few people there watching the sunset but you still can easily enjoy your own space and peace of mind. This one one thing i really like, because many beautiful places are very touristy and lack tranquility.

  • How to get there?

Upon our hostel manager’s advice, we took a Tricycle for 300 pesos (7CAD). The driver would take us to the beach, wait for us for 2 hours and then drive us back to the hostel. I found the price a bit high for Philippine’s standards so the next time i visited the beach i did it on the day i rented a motorbike to visit the island and didn’t have to pay for a tricycle.

If you are taking a tricycle you can ask the driver to take you to Maremegmeg beach or Las Cabanas which is one of the famous resorts on the beach.

You can view more photos of the Beach and the sunset below, click on the photos to enlarge them


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