DimSum @ City University Chinese Restaurant

29 Nov


City University has a lot of options when it comes to eating places. And Most of them are student budget friendly. Aside from the usual canteens, the university has also a traditional Chinese Restaurant that serves Dimsum and Chinese Cuisine. It is located on the 8th floor the Amenities Building (Facing the swimming pool). You can access it by taking elevators 19 or 20.

In order to celebrate submitting one of my group project reports, i joined my local teammates for a traditional Dimsum breakfast. We arrived there around 10.45am and were informed that the place is open for students only from 11am to noon and that’s when it serves exclusively the university staff.We waited 10 minutes and were seated after and got the menu to select our choices. The restaurant has a dimsum menu and a set menu that comes with different items for around 220HKD (30CAD) but since we were not very hungry we choice the regular dim sum which turned out to be cheaper.

Entrance on the 8th floor

Entrance on the 8th floor of the Amenities Building

Like every Dimsum place, you order by writing down the items you want and share everything with people on the table. There was 4 of us , so we ordered 8 dishes. The Total bill came up to 180 HKD (24CAD) meaning 45HKD (6CAD)each. 

If you are on campus and decide to try out the restaurant, i highly recommend that you order the mango roll desert. I’ve tried it on my first week here and it’s been my favourite since .

Here are the photos of what we ordered, you can click on them to enlarge.


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