Mid Level Escalators: Longest Escalators in the World

28 Nov


Hong Kong’s Mid Level escalators are the longest escalator system in the world covering a distance of over 800m and rising 135m through the steep uphills of Hong Kong island. The system connects Queen’s Road in Central to Conduit Road in Mid-Levels. It was built in 1993 to facilitate the commute for employees going from their apartments in Mid Levels to offices in Central and Back. The system is used by over 60,000 residents every day. It runs downhill from 6am to 10am and uphill from 10.15am to midnight.


DSC_0847-1When i first heard about the longest escalator in the world i thought it was one single escalators but it   turns out it was a combination of 20 escalators and 3 automatic walkways connected in places by footbridges with 14 entrances and exits that allows access to several interesting streets and shops. Even if you are not familiar with the area and have no map, you can just keep an eye out for signs and you’ll know when you get get off.

The Escalators starts near IFC mall on Queen’s road, i started my trip there up towards Mid Levels. The first exit i took was Hollywood road aka antiques road. It has several shops where you can buy Traditional Chinese art pieces and jewellery. The art is very beautiful but looking at the prices i can say it’s not for everyone 🙂 Near this road there is also Man Ho temple that you can check out.



Above Hollywood road you get to Soho which is one of the most famous entertainment districts of Hong Kong.  It has a large choice of cafes, bars, and restaurants with an international twist : Mexican, Italian, French, Spanish etc…. I spent an hour or so walking around and watching people and interestingly enough i found that at least 90% of the crowd are foreigners. I stopped by a Gelato place called “IScream” and was surprised by their selection of Chinese flavours including: Lychee, Azuki beans, Orange and mandarin, BW Sesame etc… I tried, the Sesame, and the Rocher and they were really good



The trip up the escalators takes about 25 min without stops but since i got off few times to take photos, eat and check out the area it took about 2 hours up and down. So  this can definitely be a nice afternoon walk .

Here are some photo i snapped while walking around (Click on the Photos to Enlarge them)



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