Biking in Hong Kong’s New Territories

21 Nov


One of the things i miss the most while in Hong Kong is biking. Thanks to Bixi, biking is very convenient around Montreal but that is not the case in HK. In Kowloon and HK island there are no biking lanes (at least i didn’t see any) and with all the crazy driving around it is scary to bike here. Unfortunately there are also some regulations that discourage people from using bike too: for example if you want to take your bike on the MTR you need to remove the back wheel and carry the thing around. This seems very inconvenient and am sure some people , like myself, don’t know how to remove a wheel and put it back.

So, when i heard about an organized biking event, i jumped on the opportunity. The event is organized by University Nike Icon team. This team aims promote the spirit of UNI (University Nike Icon) and sports lifestyle among the universities in Hong Kong. They encourage Urban mobility by riding bikes, thats why their campaign is called ‘Share the Road’, hoping to spread out a message of fair use of road and uprise the right of cyclists. The organizers were carrying all kinds of signs with slogans to raise awareness such as “Save the Planet, Ride a Bike”, “Share the Road”, ” Burn fat, not oil” etc…


Photo Credit: #Sharetheroadhk

We started the day by meeting at 12 at Yuen Long station in New territories. Then we headed to a nearby bike shop to rent bikes (for 30HKD, 4CAD). The bikes were so cute with “I love my bike bells” and bike baskets . We waited at the bike shop for about one hour until everyone gathered and got their bikes, then we took group photos. The event was sponsored by Nike so some of us got free Nike Dry Fit shirts which was pretty cool.

The bike tour  started at around 1pm. The trail is around 25 to 30km long and it covers the Tsim Bei Tsui, near the countryside of Yuen Long and goes all the way to the border of Hong Kong and China. The road consisted of 40% bike lane and 60% regular road and it had some steep slopes which made the bike tour kind of an exercise as well.

You can see below the map of the trail that we followed in case you’d like to attempt it one day.


Photo Credit: #Sharetheroadhk


The end of the trail before we head back, you can see in the back the fence separating Hong Kong and China

Photo Credit: #Sharetheroadhk

2013-10-06 16.00.08-5

The view on the way

2013-10-06 16.35.21-5

Some cool bike accessories we spotted


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