Number one must do in Hong Kong: Junk Boat parties

19 Nov

When i first arrived to Hong Kong everyone was talking about Junk Boat parties being the number one must do in Hong Kong. I was not even sure what is it exactly; i thought maybe it was a party ending in a lot of junk being carried on the boat… It turns out i was not too far from right answer. Junk Boat parties are parties carried on boats that leave the Hong Kong pier , roam around and then dock at one of the nearby island where the attendees can drink their hearts out and enjoy jumping from the boat.


The word Junk Boat comes from the name of ancient Chinese sailing ships known as “Junk Ships”. There are few Junk Ships that you can see in Hong Kong however most Junk Boat parties are carried on more modern boats.

During the first couple of weeks in Hong Kong, i was set on attending a Junk Boat party so i started looking around to see what’s offered. Usually you have to pay at least 300HKD (40CAD) depending on then umber of ppl on the boat, in addition to costs of food and drinks. Some student rent private boats and go with their friends, but i opted for an inter university party organized by Gweilo Concepts. I paid 400HKD (53CAD) for the ticket which included the boat rental, open bar, lunch and a gift bag. 

I headed to the pier in Central at 9 am where we boarded the  boats. there were 3 boats and more then 150 students. While waiting for the departure we got to see a range of different luxury boats, regular boats and even a traditional Junk Ship

2013-09-28 11.49.10

The boats we were on, where medium size (the one on the right in the above picture). We got on and were welcomed with drinks, a lot of drinks and a gift bag containing a bailey’s (or other ) shot, a swimsuit bottom of neon yellow colour and a condom for those who want to take the party up to another level. The boat cruised for about one hour around the harbour and then headed towards one of the remote islands nearby (not sure about the name though). After the boat docked we were served lunch and enjoyed dancing the the music the DJ on board was playing, then the craziness started when people started jumping off the boat, some with beer in their hand, and swimming around the boats. There were 3 boats docked one next the the other so we could jump from one to another and meet different people. This continued until around 3.30pm when we headed back to the city.

This was a great and fun day, i recommend that you try it if you ever you come to Hong Kong during the warm season.





3 Responses to “Number one must do in Hong Kong: Junk Boat parties”

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