Sunset at Lau Fau Shan

15 Oct

When living in Hong Kong, your view is always blocked by skyscrapers and high rise building. However it only takes 30min to get away and enjoy a more natural landscape. This time, i went to watch the sunset at Lau Fau Shan.

DSC_9738-2Lau Fau Shan is a fishing village on the North coast of Hong Kong’s New Territories, facing Shenzhen in mainland China. It used to be known for oyster harvesting but not anymore. Now is it famous for for its street of seafood restaurants.

It is also one of the most popular places to see the sunset in Hong Kong. The old fishing boats, rafts and Shenzhen bay bridge.

I arrived to Lau Fau Village, around one hour before the sunset and there was already a lineup of photographers setting up their tripods. So if you are really serious about getting good shots, you should get there early. As the time passed by, i get to see the view turn from gold to pink and afterwards the bridge lit up and the lights from Shenzhen made up a beautiful night landscape.


Photographers setting up their tripods


Oyster shells everywhere on the shore


The Golden sunset view


The sky turning pink


The night view with the lights from Shenzhen and bay bridge

How to get there:

Take the MTR until Tin Shui Wai station. Then take the bus 65 going to Lau Fau Shan and get off at the terminus. When you get off, walk through the seafood market (just one street) until you arrive to the sea shore.



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